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The main Help Page This has similar options to this page, but includes the option of downloading a pdf file to print or keep, and it has a couple more links.

A brief 2 page summary of the Bachelors and Masters Degrees offered through World University of Leadership (Information on Courses Offered, Pricing, Timing, Scholarships etc)

A General Description of why World University Programs are unique

A sample syllabus: - This is the syllabus for the Masters Degree in Government Leadership.

Additional Information about World University of Leadership
(10 pages of Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.'s) describing World University's lecturers, directors, purpose etc.)


Download a Study Application and Scholarship Application Form Note: Please right click on the link and choose "Save Target As..." Then tell the computer where you wish to save the form and click "Save". (Fill it in using Microsoft Word (or a similar program) and send as an attachment to

THE INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED LEADERSHIP - INTERNATIONAL ARE WORKING WITH US TO HELP MAKE OUR PROGRAMS AVAILABLE TO LEADERS IN AFRICA - with the purpose of developing the type of leadership which will help end wars and poverty in this continent. In addition to our programs, they also provide:

Short Experiential Training Programs for NGO's, Corporations, Governments and Churches

How the Institute of Advanced Leadership is helping to end poverty and wars in Africa (beginning with Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC)

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