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TOPICS INCLUDE: Advancing at Work/Seeking Promotion, Audio Visual Materials, Books, CEO/GM Resources, Change, Coaching/Mentoring in Corporations, Communication, Computing, Conflict Resolution, Courses, Customer Service, Decision Making, Empowerment, Emotional Intelligence, HR, Job Seeking, Leadership, Learning, Learning Organisations, Management (see Leadership), Managing Non Profit Organisations, Managing your Boss, Marketing, Miscellaneous, Paradigms, Project Leadership, Quality/TQM, Recruitment, Sales, Servant Leadership, Small Business/Entrepreneurship, Spirituality and Business, Strategic Planning, Stress Management, Teamwork, Technical Management, Time Management, Training (and Teaching), Travel Related, Values, Vision, Women Leaders, Workplace-Improving it

These sites have numerous sections dealing with most of the areas shown below. So you can go choose from the topic links below or go to one of these and then choose your topic from there.

Lots of general information about improving your work - but not as structured as the sites above

Advancing at Work / Seeking Promotion (Also see "Job Seeking")

AUDIO VISUAL MATERIALS: D=Downloadable, S=Streaming Media, Au=Audio, V=Video

  • SAu       Making Money - Talks by Mark Victor Hansen, Michael Gerber, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and others on Success, Sales, Marketing, Investing, Entrepreneurship etc.

BOOKS: W=Web-based, Wo=Word Document, P=PDF Format, T =Text, B=Book. Also look for books listed under "Courses".

C.E.O. / G.M. Resources

Change (This relates to managing Change. See Innovation and Creativity for information on developing these qualities)

Coaching/Mentoring in Corporations


Computing Courses (How to use basic software programs.) Also see "Internet"

Conflict Resolution

Corporate Responsibility / Enlightened Leadership / The Triple Bottom Line - How helping others helps companies be more profitable

COURSES: (Either Web-Based Courses, or Workbooks with Exercises) W=Web-based, Wo=Word Document, P=PDF Format, T =Text, B=Book, C=Course

Creating (Personal) Wealth

Customer Service

Decision Making


Emotional Intelligence (Also see Personal Development)

Entrepreneurship: See Small Business/ Entrepreneurs

Human Resources (Also see Recruitment)



- General Internet Resources

- Establishing a Web Presence for your Organisation

Innovation & Creativity

International Business

Job Seeking (Also see "Advancing at Work / Seeking Promotion)

Leadership (Also see "Organisational Behaviour/Design" and "Workplace - Improving It" - and most of the other topics listed on this page.)

"A leader is a dealer in hope." - Napoleon Bonaparte

Learning Organisations

Management (see Leadership)

Managing Non Profit Organisations (Links to "Resources for NGO's / Not-for-Profit Organisations / Charities (including assistance in establishing an NGO)" on the "Improving the World" page.)

Managing your boss


Organisational Behaviour/Design (Also see "Work & Life", Workplace - Improving It", and "Leadership")

Paradigm Shifting

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Click here for a full list of sites on how to develop yourself - an essential component in becoming a good manager and employee. (Also see Professional Development.)

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot


P.R. (Public Relations)

  • C      ** PR Toolkit (for anyone wanting access to the media)

Professional Development (Also see Personal Development)

Project Leadership


(Also see Human Resources)

Resources for: - Coaches / Trainers / Counsellors / Mentors (Also see Coaching/Mentoring, Personal Development, Spirituality and Business, and everything that relates to areas you train in.)


Servant Leadership

Small Business / Entrepreneurs

Spirituality and Business

Strategic Planning

  • C.     ** Articles on Strategic Planning from Fast Company Magazine: "Strategic thinking requires discipline and foresight. These examples will help show you how it's done."


Technical Management

Time Management

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." - Will Rogers

Training - Presentation Skills & General Information

Travel Related



Women Leaders

Work and Life

Workplace-Improving it (Also see "Organisational Behaviour/Design" and "Leadership")



Teachers (See under Training)

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