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 Bachelors and Masters Degrees are offered
 in the following areas:

These programs include many subjects normally found in the following courses
(as well as helping you develop the leadership qualities & skills which lead to success in these fields):

Business Leadership

Earn a Bachelor or Masters Degree in Business Leadership; or a Masters of Business Administration (Leadership) – i.e. an M.B.A. (Leadership).

  • Business Administration
    (including “M.B.A.”- “Master of Business Administration”)
  • Management
  • Corporate Management (or “Commerce”, “Business” or “Business & Entrepreneurship”)

Government Leadership
Earn a Bachelors or Masters Degree in Government Leadership; or in Public Administration and Governance.

  • Public Administration and Governance
  • Political Behaviour, Management,
  • Development Studies

& Development Studies
Earn a Bachelors or Masters Degree in Leadership & Development Studies;
N.G.O. Leadership; or NGO Management.

  • Development Studies
  • Social Sciences (and Social Administration & Social Work)
  • NGO Management (or “Non-Profit Management”)


Note: Many students choose to complete a Postgraduate Diploma after completing their Bachelors or Masters Degree. {e.g. They might study a Bachelors Degree in Public Administration & Governance and then do a Postgraduate Diploma (or Masters Degree) in Leadership & Development Studies.  We encourage students to study more than one program as it broadens their understanding of both fields.  Doing a Postgraduate Diploma would normally take 18 mths. However, as there is a degree of overlap in many subjects, we are able to offer students who have done a Bachelors or Masters Degree with us, the option of doing a Postgraduate Diploma in just 9 months (studying 25 books), paying the same rates as Masters Degree students, but paying for only 3 terms (instead of 8 terms).




The Investment Required


Number of Books to Study

No. of CD's provided
(Over 500
 e-books are provided in total)

Standard Investment (US $) for the complete program

Including all books,

exam fees etc.

Total amount to be paid by those awarded a 50% scholarship

Including all books,

exam fees etc.

Total amount to be paid by those awarded an 80% scholarship

Including all books,

exam fees etc.

Bachelors Degree


13 +

$1100 per semester


or just $5000 if you pay for the whole course up-front

$550 per semester)


or just $2500 if you pay for the whole course up-front

$220 per semester


or just $1000 if you pay for the whole course up-front

Masters Degree


10 +


$1040 per semester



or just $3500 if you pay for the whole course up-front


$520 per semester

Or $267 for two (3mth) terms and then $520/semester


or just $1750 if you pay for the whole course up-front

Not Available


Note: There are 2 semesters per year.

Additional payment options are available. The quicker you pay for the program the larger the discount given.

Why Choose To Study By Distance Education

1.       Our aim is to provide students with the best materials available anywhere in the world.
 e.g. Our business students learn from multi-billionaires and dozens of the leading management gurus in the world. Government Leadership students learn from Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors and the top professors in the field. This can only be done through distance education.

2.       We give students an up-to-date electronic library equivalent to over 500 books. This is included in the course cost – but can only be done so (financially and logistically) through distance education.

3.       Substantial research has been done comparing the effectiveness of distance education to traditional education. The results show that on average, distance education students perform better than (or at least as well as) traditional students.

Time Required To Complete Our Degree Programs

World University students are given 2 months holiday a year (whereas most other universities give students approximately 4˝ months holiday each year). Although its nice having lots of time off, the problem with the study calendar of most universities is that working students normally find their work suffers as a result of the high workload while they are studying – or if they choose to study for less hours per week, then the degree takes twice as long.. By giving students “only” 2 months holiday a year we enable the same work to be done in just 18 hours a week, substantially reducing the strain of juggling work, study and home life. This also gives non-working students the option of completing the program in half the time by studying 36 hours a week, while still studying for the same number of hours as students at other Universities.


The equivalent number of books to be read
(This is our measure, used similarly to "credits". It gives students the maximum flexibility in choosing their own materials)

Time taken to complete your degree


Students of World University of Leadership need to study 18 hrs/wk for 44 weeks/year

Bachelors Degree

100 books

3 years

Masters Degree

70 books

2 years

Requirements For Those Studying A Masters Degree

If you have a degree – in any discipline - then you can immediately begin any of our Masters programs.

A Note About Our Scholarships

Our scholarships reduce the amount that distance education students need to pay (e.g. a 50% scholarship cuts the price in half). They do not cover any airfare, living expenses or other cash payments to a student.

As our program is done through distance education - using any computer - anywhere, there is no need for us to cover travel expenses. - We would prefer to offer more scholarships to more Africans, rather than spending lots of money on just a few lucky people.


Note: Students studying at double the normal rate will need to pay close to double the stated semester rate.

The information in this brochure was correct as of 15th September 2005.
As our programs are constantly being improved we reserve the right to change any element of our program without notice.

Please feel free to contact us for more information